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Shades of Saddam
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Angry Iraqis Demand New Government
How a Proxy War Could Blow Up Iraq—Again
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Women in Iraq defiantly take to the streets despite fears they ‘could die at any moment’

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Fear and chaos split Baghdad as Washington watches and waits


The Truffle Hunters Of Iraq

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Rebuilding Mosul, Book by Book 

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What mass protests in Iraq and Lebanon have in common

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Tourism pushed women out of Zanzibar’s public spaces – but now they’re taking them back
How Turkey’s lira crisis was written in Istanbul’s skyline
‘She insulted my manhood’: murder underlines Turkey’s LGBT backlash
Beatings, abuse and blame: being transgender in Egypt

The New Humanitarian

The local volunteers saving the lives of Iraqi protesters
As displacement runs to years, northern Iraq camps need an overhaul
Mosul: Overcoming the trauma of IS rule, one haircut at a time

The Intercept

NO APOLOGIES: The U.S. Military Often Kills Civilians — and Rarely Offers Compensation
DESTROYED AND SAVED: To Defeat ISIS, the U.S. Helped Turn Old Mosul Into Rubble — but Won’t Help Rebuild It


Meet Turkey’s First—and Only—Queer Choir (co-published on Roads and Kingdoms)

Deutsche Welle

WorldLink: Anbar’s awakening post-‘Islamic State’
WorldLink: Baghdad’s forbidden quarter
WorldLink: Istanbul residents feel the pinch


Trans women in Turkey celebrate Pride despite government opposition
‘We’re not scared’: Thousands of women march despite crackdown on protests in Turkey

Atlas Obscura

The Only Bookstore on Najafi Street
The Daunting Challenge of Saving Lebanon’s Storied Rail Network
Inside the Abandoned Babylon That Saddam Hussein Built
The Middle East as Old Hollywood Saw It
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The Changing Nature of Lubunca, Turkey’s LGBTQ Slang
Why the World’s Greatest Toasts Happen in Georgia

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In Turkish election, democracy itself is at stake
Amid the devastation left by ISIS, Iraqis vote, hoping for a better future

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Homicide in the Holy City: Religion, Politics, and 13 Bullets Killed an Outspoken Iraqi Novelist
Police Beat and Arrest Protesters Defying Istanbul’s LGBT Pride Parade Ban
The All-Female Band Facing Down Islamic Conservatism in Zanzibar


The National

Streets come alive as Erdogan supporters celebrate thumping victory
Kurdish grievances boil over at Istanbul polling station


Graphic Essay: An LGBTQ Activist Faces the Violent Global ‘Traditionalist’ Movement


In Turkey’s cutthroat hair-transplant tourism industry, the biggest losers are the patients and Syrian refugees

Roads and Kingdoms

Meet Turkey’s First—and Only—Queer Choir (co-published on Slate)


Huck Magazine

When just asking questions can get you arrested

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Kissing On The Dancefloor of Horoom
Drag Is Thriving During a Dark Time for Turkey’s LGBTQ Community

Mada Masr

Report from Rashid: Where was the state when hundreds drowned?
The Syrian Kitchen: A refugee food business based on quality not empathy
The desperation of Oromo refugees in Cairo
Breaking down the death penalty
Scaring them straight in the name of morality